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Doug Levitt is a songwriter, and singer that is well known for his song the Grey hound diaries where he documents the struggles faced by a section of the American society. The artist traveled by the Greyhound bus, with the objective of registering voters for John Kerry. However, what he saw, and interacted with during his assignment, motivated him to continue traveling, and get to understand the American society even the more.

Doug traveled for 120,000 miles within a period of 13 years. In every bus, he met people from different walks of life, and they all had a story to tell. Doug combined these stories and his own experiences, during his journey, to write the Grey hound diaries.

The song captures the struggle of the poor and alienated in the society. People who use the bus in most cases have no alternative. For instance, the artist highlights that he shared the bus with many ex-offenders. Subsequently, the singer mingled with a lot of people who were mentally ill, suffering from addictions, or even poor. Traveling in these buses allowed him to see the other side of the American society that was not wealthy, or even middle class. Click here to know more.

In the song, the artist highlights how people share their personal lives as they travel on the bus. From the different stories, and experiences, he had, he could identify the struggle that many of these people were going through in their personal lives. These experiences allowed him to predict the financial crisis that was approaching, and the political changes that the people wanted, which led to the prediction of the victory of Donald Trump.

Greyhound Diaries, tells the stories of the people who have been alienated by the society. The people he tells stories about are rarely heard, but have an impact on the financial and political status of America. Doug Levitt allows the community to hear the voices of those who are rarely heard in a captivating and entertaining way. Doug Levitt on Twitter.