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According to an article on Lonely Planet entitled Introducing Venezuela(, this South American nation is an excellent vacation destination. With its incredible landscapes, spectacular scenery, and wonderful weather, Venezuela has something for just about everyone. If you are looking for great beaches, check out the country’s Caribbean coastline. Should hiking in the highlands be your idea of a good time, the Venezuelan portion of the Andes mountains should put a smile on your face. And if you want a once in a lifetime experience, then visit Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on the planet.
Venezuela is amazing. Plus it’s very affordable as hyperinflation has made the value of foreign currencies skyrocket. So Jose Manuel Gonzalez explains vacationers can get much more for their money in Venezuela than almost anywhere else in South America. That means you can enjoy the nightlife in Caracas, explore the Orinoco Delta, stay in a 5-star hotel or beachfront villa, and see exotic wildlife in the vast Venezuelan grasslands without putting too big a dent in your budget.

Venezuela’s Los Roques archipelago with it 350 or so islands, islets, and cays is breathtaking. Its pristine coral reef, rich aquatic life, and wide variety of seabirds draws scientists and tourists from all over the world to Los Roques National Park. “You simply must visit Cayo de Agua with its crystal clear waters and milk-white sands” says Manuel Gonzalez. It’s considered one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.