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Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. This is a tech company whose main goal is creating applications that make communication easier, especially in the work place. The CEO has this year been welcomed back to the home page of MarTech where he contributed an article on ‘The Video Advertising Trends of 2017’. In the article, he talk about some of the video marketing skills from 2016 that were innovative and new and the role they will be playing in this year’s world of marketing. The article has been critically acclaimed and was hosted by MarTech Advisor.

When asked to make a comment about the article, Bob said that he was very excited about sharing his views with the readers of MarTech. He stated that it was his dream that the people who read the article would take it as a chance to grow in the medium and that with time, they would understand why it was the right time to invest in it. Bob is the visionary behind all the innovations that have been made by Talk Fusion. The company has won many awards including the all in one video marketing solution. He sells the video medium in the article stating that it is more than just any other beneficial medium and that anyone who wants to be successful in their marketing endeavors needs to consider making video the center of their advertising.

He stated that the first time that he thought of a video email was 13 years ago and that when he did, the thing that he envisioned was video’s untapped potential. He was glad that over the past few years, video had been gaining popularity and all the companies on the globe were finally taking note of how important video was.

About Talk Fusion

This company was started more than ten years ago with the aim of creating applications and other tech products that would make work in the information age much simpler. Their aim is helping businesses do better than their competitors by the memorable, persuasive and interesting videos that they help the companies come up with.