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Incarceration in a state jail today does not necessarily mean missing what is happening in the world of technology transformation. Incarcerators too no longer have to depend on old methods to bring out reforms and improve safety in state corrections. If you have a family member or a friend in a state correction, probably the only means of communication you know of is through a phone call. Securus Technologies is changing how you stay in touch with your loved ones in state correction centers.



Securus Technologies is the best technology solution provider for both civil and criminal justice in America today. They use highly enhanced and advanced communication and analytical tools to bring modernization to state corrections. This they do by introducing the use of several gadgets that make communication between inmates and family members or friends easier. Because of Securus, it is now possible to do a video chat with an inmate regardless of the state they are in and feel much more connected than doing it via phone.



Securus does not only focus on the inmates but goes further to provide state corrections with the much-needed technology solutions to help in the improvement of safety and bring modernization to the facilities. By using one of the best cloud-based software Securus goes further to provide services and fast information in real-time access to investigators for faster and foolproof results. Those that use Securus Technologies’ services include fire stations, the police emergency dispatch centers and rescue teams of every kind.



The newest addition to Securus technologies is Wireless Containment Solutions technology, which helps in detecting, preventing and intercepting any wrongful communication from illicitly distributed devices. Illicitly acquired devices are a real safety threat to the inmates and people with connections to them like arresting officers, judges, witnesses, the correction officers and even to the public. By using WCS, the threat from such devices becomes less as communication can only be through devices allowed by law.



If you need a trusted, truthful, transparent, honorable, and responsive service that keeps all your information confidential, the Securus technologies, with an A+ accreditation and rating is the one.


Whether a suspect has escaped from a minimum security detention center or a maximum security jail, my team is called in to locate and arrest the suspect quickly before they have a chance to commit any other crimes. The suspect we were hunting today never made it to jail, he was at a bond hearing and somehow walked out while everyone was distracted with another issue. This fugitive was wanted on several violent crimes, and our initial fears were that he would commit more if he was looking for a vehicle, cash, food, or a place to hide.


Since we knew who we were hunting, we blasted the media with his face in the hopes that someone who come forward with a last seen location, but nothing panned out. We think the suspect went into hiding to try and throw us off the trail for a few days. Our thinking was he was still in town, but deep in hiding as he thought the heat would eventually die down. We only escalated our efforts to make certain he could not escape the city.


Securus Technologies is the call monitoring system that was installed at our local prison, and the officers use the system to listen to all conversations inmates make to their family, friends, or even other inmates. We immediately plugged the fugitive into the LBS software and waited. We got the covert alert in hours, one of the inmates was talking to his family about the suspect without any regard.


During the conversation with his brother, the inmate mentioned that he was asked to call in a favor, and that his brother needed to be at a certain location with cash, a ride, and change of clothes. Without the mention of the location, we had a team in place to follow the brother and take down that fugitive.


Securus Technologies is a popular private company that is transforming the lives people in correctional facilities. The institution is based in Dallas, and it serves over three thousand, five hundred correctional centers. Securus is considered to be one of the largest and most successful companies in the industry.


Securus Technologies offers civil and criminal justice technology services to correction and law enforcement centers in Northern America. The company incorporates the latest technology in its operations, and this is why it has been so successful. The institution has a reliable team of professionals who work hard to meet the demand of the clients.


The technology used by the private company has played a huge role in solving and preventing crimes in the United States. According to customers, the technology introduced by the firm is effective in preventing crimes, even in the correctional facilities.


The software used the company has helped the customers in the following ways:

Monitoring calls among the inmates. This makes that activities such as drug selling, alcohol consumption, and other crimes do not take place.

Using information obtained through the phone calls to get a search warrant for the corrupt staff members. Several staff members have already been arrested trying to bring contrabands to the centers.

The professionals working in the correctional centers can conduct successful investigations concerning harassment or any political threats to the inmates or the community as a whole using the investigative tools that are offered by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies has local based service software service that works in concurrence with other law enforcement resources. Not long ago, the service allowed the sheriff sector the ability to recover the money acquired through legal activities such as selling drugs, illegal assets, and many other crimes. The video visitation service has also reduced illegal activities in the correctional centers.



Securus Technologies is one of the best ways for people to stay in touch today. Not only are the communication lines secure, but the types of communications that can be conducted are offered at very low at competitive prices. You have the opportunity of keeping in touch with your friends, family, or co-workers.


What separates the services of Securus Technologies from other forms of communications service providers is that it offers people to communicate with anyone who may be incarcerated. If you have a family member who has unfortunately been arrested and put in jail and have been wanting to communicate with them because they have been confined for longer than you had expected, the Securus Technologies may be an available option to do so. In this case, Securus Technologies may be set up as a form of communications line in the jail your family member is in. If you would like to see if Securus Technologies is an option of communication that is available for what you need, then please do not hesitate to contact one of the representatives that are available to assist today as they will be glad to assist you with your needs. You will need to provide them with some minor details about yourself and the types of communications that you may be planning on conducting with the technological communications they offer and you will be on your way to speaking to whomever you wish to contact very soon.


Today’s forms of technologies in the field of communications is rapidly outpacing than what has ever been available to us before. Securus Technologies is a company that is doing what it can to not only keep up with today’s rapid pace of technologies, but also of potentially surpassing them. Be sure to make the right decision and invest in Securus Technologies today.


The use of communication technology is one of the ways that people stay in contact with other people who are located in different areas. While communication technology such as landlines have been used for decades, newer technology such as smartphones and cell phones have been used over the past decade. The newer technology communications like smartphones and cell phones provide a different type of communication.


Known as mobile technology, smartphones and cell phones allow people to use the technology on the go. People can use the devices almost anywhere through the use of towers that transmit the signal from one area to another. In addition to mobile devices that allow people to communicate in ways that are different than traditional methods, people can use communication technology that goes a step beyond just allowing people to talk.


Video is used with various methods of communication to allow people to talk to people and see the people who they are talking to at the same time. This communication technology has been used for over a decade. Although the technology has been used on a regular basis for some time now, the use of video communication has various limitations depending on the technology utilized with it.


However, over the past decade, numerous technology innovations have been made that help video communication in areas where the technology needed to improve. Today, the use of video communication provides almost a seamless communication experience. People use it for work conferences. Family and friends use video communication on mobile devices such as smartphones. The use of video communication has many more possibilities with the recent technology innovations.


Securus Technologies will be using a video visitation technology that it developed to help inmates at correction facilities talk to their family during the Christmas holiday season. The way that the video visitation technology works is by establishing a link between the inmates at correction facilities and their families located at home. Once the link is established, the inmates can see, talk, and share in the Christmas season as if they were home.


I feel that the Technology provided by Securus Technologies for inmates to communicate with their families is an awesome thing. The technology will allow inmates to actually see and talk to family members, which can help the inmates feel a part of the Christmas experience.


Securus Technologies is a leader in communication technology in the corrections market. The company provides technology for a variety of organizations.



As a means of saving their clients’ time and money, Securus Technologies announced the integration of an inmate form and grievance application to ConnectUs. The company, over the years, has established itself as a leader in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the safety of the public, investigation, monitoring and correction of inmates. The Vice President of marketing and strategy, Russel Roberts, said that the new addition to ConnectUs is an example of the company’s ingenuity in modernizing their services with the latest and most innovative technologies.

Prior to incorporating this new tool to ConnectUs, most correctional facilities employed the old-fashioned paper forms for various inmate requests such as medical, hand book acceptance forms, grievances and sign-up forms, just to mention a few. In the end, it would only prove bothersome to correctional officers to handle all that paper work.

With the innovation of custom forms which are filled via the ConnectUs application, inmates can very easily create request forms and change them just as easily within a matter of minutes. ConnectUs inmate Forms and Grievance application is simply ingenious in that it has transformed the manual paper process to digital automation. Through this brilliant application, Securus reports numerous forms being processed in a month per every inmate, thus saving precious time for the correctional staff.

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is a for-profit American based company that is situated in Dallas Texas. The company has been successful in setting up regional offices all located in Carrolton and Allen in Texas and also in Atlanta, Georgia. In July 2016 the company reported having invested $600 million worth of technologies, acquisitions, and patents in just three years.

Inclusive of the many acquisitions that the company has made is JPay Inc, a major technology company responsible for email, electronic payments, hosting entertainment and related educational applications that are being used in correctional facilities. The firm offers its services to more than thirty-three state prison systems in the country.