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Greg Secker is the originator of Greg Secker foundation. He was born on February 18th 1975. He is also a master trader, a philanthropist and a father. He is determined to empower the people of his time on trade matters, therefore he founded the Knowledge to action group back in 2003. Later he made the virtual trading desk; a platform that allowed many traders to obtain quotes for foreign exchange that facilitates easy trade. Greg Secker even went a step further and became the vice president of Mellon financial cooperation. In an interview he said he saw the need to improve the previous mode of trade when he was asked what inspired him to venture into the business. He said the people needed to trade internationally using a mode they were very comfortable and sure of.


He earned his money by working for companies, as soon as he ventured into the forex world, he started making money in a period on 4-6 months. When Greg was asked if he never thought of failing at any point he said he never doubted himself at any point. He got his first customers from references by his close friends and relatives. The thinks he is successful because he had support from his friends and relatives. Greg says his most satisfying moment was when the knowledge to action feature first worked.


His love for safe trade does not end there. He has written a number of books that are set to help the people master trade. They include Financial Freedom Trough Forex, Trading Your Way to Success as well as a contribution to the book The Book of Success. It does not end there, he is also known for founding companies like Learn to Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital and smart Charts Software’s. Greg Secker foundation being the latest company that he runs as the president and founder. His philanthropic actions include building 100 permanent houses in Lemery Philippines. In Match of 2017 he was successfully named in the list of the top 200 most influential philanthropists. Appearing on that list means that Greg is very willing to help the needy with his big heart.