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Like so many businessmen and entrepreneurs before him, Clayton Hutson owns his operations, and he has a hand on the wheel as a result of years of service. His business is service oriented, and it caters to the needs of musicians along with the event planners who make artists look like geniuses. Hutson’s training is in theater design, and some of his past clients include names such as Guns and Roses, Pink and Kidd Rock.


He is not a man who shies away from any particular genre of music. But at the same time, he admits to gravitating toward Rock and Roll. One of his most memorable work experiences is the “Bleed Like Me” tour for Garbage. But, there are other projects such as the “Honda Civic Tour” for OneRepublic that really showcase his professional skill set and creative vision.


There really is no specific moment when he knew it was time to strike out on his own. And like many successful business owners who are also operators, his move to the top was one of necessity. To get the best reward for the effort he gives, running his own firm is the only way to go.


When he is in the process of designing a new concept or image for his business, Clayton makes sure to keep things based in reality. This means that whatever he comes up with has to fit through venue doors or his clients and their clients as well have no use for them. For this exact reason, he incorporates technology and precision in his creative process religiously. This sharp method of production is one of the key elements that allows him to stay relevant in his field.


Where art and entertainment is concerned, one unforgettably sloppy mistake can be costly. It can take years to rebuild a reputation, if ever. So, Hutson makes sure to produce quality concepts and work product, which requires long hours striving for perfection. This means that his work day usually starts at 7am, and it goes until every detail is resolved. And even though he calls the shots in the office, Hutson understands and appreciates all the hard work that his staff does as well. Learn more: