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OSI Group has been the leader in providing food to some of the largest brands in the world for decades, and behind this progress is President David McDonald. Mr.McDonalds has been working for OSI Group for years and his expertise leadership and push for innovation have carried the company to new heights. In a sit-down interview, we go in-depth with David McDonald to understand how OSI Group has not only created success but also how it remains at the top of the industry.One of the mission statements for OSI Group is “entrepreneurial passion and a can-do ethic.” We asked David Mcdonald how this mentality and vision has played out for the company?David states that the company because it is private, can afford to be flexible, however, the need for patients and seeing the big picture instead of quick results continues to be one of the cores of their success.

How is OSI Group doing in the Chinese Market?

A mix of long-term partnership deals and flexibility has created great business success for everyone in China, David McDonald says. According to Mr. McDonalds, understanding the market and their culture has been one of the most crucial aspects of succeeding and because OSI Group has had over 20 years of experience thankfully the market gave them a chance.

How are your employees innovating the food industry?

According to David, their customers are the ones who actually push OSI Group to innovate. Often customers want to change something in their menu, whether to cut cost or offer a more authentic menu but OSI Group always works to make that request come true, whether we have the equipment or not the employees and their can-do spirit make it happen. David comments that these risks are always worthwhile, no matter the results there is always something to learn.

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