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Ever since we were a few years old, we have had people telling us that we have to follow the rules. They say we have to fit in and be excepted by society and follow all the rules without breaking them. That does work for awhile and shortly after, as we start to grow, we want to break free from those rules and express our own unique style and personal freedom. That is when we start breaking all the rules.

Speaking of rules, did you know there are rules in every industry that experts will argue need to be followed and can’t be broken? Let’s talk about makeup and fashion. These two places have rules and people say that these rules are set in stone. Well, that might be true unless you are the CEO of Lime Crime and have a name like Doe Deere.

Doe Deere started the makeup company Lime Crime with a dream and some pocket money. It was a real business start up success story. Lime Crime gave the makeup wearers what they wanted, more color and personal freedom. Doe calls herself Queen of the unicorns and as such she has a name to live up to. If you haven’t guessed, Doe Deere is not just a rule breaker, she is a rule creator.

Doe Deere says that you do not have to dress your age. Doe talks about the ability to blend rocking bold colors, patterns and fashion regardless of your age. Doe encourages you to not be utterly specific with your occasional dress and more. Doe opened up in an article to Bustle and she is talking about all of these things and more. Doe Deere even talks about socks and open toed shows and how it is okay to wear them together.

Above all else, Doe Deere has one underlying thought and that very thought is the center for Lime Crime Makeup’s success. However, it is more than that. This idea or thought should be the center of every person’s life. The thought is, put simply, express yourself and be you. That’s what Lime Crime Makeup is about. That is what Doe Deere is about. Being who you are, because after all, who else could you be?

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