Helane Morrison Had Had Long Career Fighting the Good Fight in Finance

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Helane Morrison saw an opportunity. She saw an opportunity to help rebuild the trust that the general public has in investment professionals and in the stock market in general. This is all started in 2007 with the collapse of the housing market. This singular event, that was the apex of a slow-build created by shady lending practices by banks in the real estate market, was the impetus for change that caused her to make the transition from an employee of the SEC to the Managing Direct and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She started working in the private sector again because she saw people losing trust in investment professionals and the market overall. Helane Morrison wanted to change this tone to help revive the market and people’s activity within it.

She chose Hall Capital Partners for two obvious reasons. The first reason is that the San Francisco-based investment firm is one of the most successful firms in the State of California. The second reason is that it is completely run by women. She is so widely trusted by the public and by the clients of her firm because of her long history working towards compliance when it comes to the regulations of the Securities Exchange Committee. She has worked in almost every capacity when it comes to the financial sector of Northern California.

After getting her Journalism degree from Northwestern and her law degree from Berkley, she began working as a lawyer in San Francisco defending people that were being sued by the SEC. Her education came in very handy in helping her acquire information and applying it to her particular cases. She built a wealth of knowledge when it came to economic regulations. The SEC recognized this and hired her to work as a District Administrator in their San Francisco office. She then worked her way to Regional Director of the San Francisco office. This position oversees the SEC in California and 5 other states in the Pacific Northwest.

Helane Morrison has made a long and successful career out of enforcing the regulations put forth by the SEC. She has dedicated her life to ensuring that the investors and lenders in California and surrounding states are working ethically. The general public is better off financially because of the work that Morrison has done over the course of her career. She is now using her experience and knowledge to help investors trust the market again by guiding them through their investing and ensuring that her firm is compliant with all SEC regulations.