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EOS was able to quickly and completely stand out in the lip balm industry through several factors that allow them to be perceived quite differently than those companies that are currently selling lip balm in the marketplace. How EOS lip balm is able to stand out in the industry is a great story about how companies can diversify themselves in already well-established markets.

One of the ways that EOS is able to stand out is with their great and unique flavors. Unlike their competition that tends to have bland offerings that are labeled cherry or mint, or even medicinal, EOS has these great flavor options that unique blend that attracts customers and keep them trying new blends. Examples include vanilla mint, strawberry sorbet, and blueberry acai, These flavor options help to keep customers loyal and interested in products and allow their business to grow in the long run.

EOS’ flavors also stay tastier than other brands because their products are not built using artificial ingredients. EOS contains all-natural product ingredients that are organically sourced and derived from high quality oils that provide lasting protection to your lips. EOS adds vitamin C and E to most of their balms which adds protection for their lips that other brands simply don’t offer.

Beyond that, EOS has a unique application container. Customers were complaining that the jars that some brands used weren’t sanitary while the sanitary tubes were easy to misplace. EOS solved this problem with these unique orb products that not only stood out in the pocketbook, but also on the shelves of stores like Kohls and Ulta. These orbs were colored in different colors to match the flavor and the brand established themselves quickly and easily on product shelves and in customer hearts.

EOS used this product differentiation to establish itself as a major player in the lip balm industry and engineer an unthought-of growth trajectory.