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It is a weekly international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the research on aspects of oncology. The paper was established in 2010 and is printed by impact journals.

Which Areas does the Journal Cover?

It deals with a potential target for therapy and the procedures to be followed to improve cancer patients management. Also, it focuses on the implication of the management programs, new therapeutic agents, and the protocols on the patient perceptive, which include adherence, quality of life, and their overall satisfaction.

The paper explains and explores the evidence behind existing and the new therapies in terms of outcome improvement. It, most importantly, defines their usage in terms of acceptance and ultimate uptake by the pre-existing, new patient, and healthcare professionals.

What are the Advantages of Publishing in Oncotargets?

The paper is available to anyone since it is an open access document. It can be downloaded for free from dove websites. This allows discoveries to be shared quickly. The papers sent to them are never rejected due to lack of space, unlike many international traditional journals. It is electronic and, therefore, there is no limit to the number of papers that they can choose to publish.

In many journals, the time taken from submission to decision-making is about a month, Mikhail Blagosklonny which is frustrating to the authors. Oncotargets, however, is the fastest article to follow the process. A peer review is complete with two days and editor decisions made within five days of a submission. It is only in rare situations that you may wait for a month for a final decision to be made.

Many authors around the world have found that the peer review comments to be true, and in most cases, they add to their final paper. The paper, therefore, helps researchers contribute highly to the progress of science.

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