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     Livio Bisterzo is an Italy-based entrepreneur and currently, lives in Los Angeles with his family. Back then Livio Bisterzo resided in the United Kingdom where he attended London University to pursue Arts. In 2003, Mr. Bisterzo began his business ventures that later expanded his business portfolio. His new venture entailed lifestyle, consumer brands, and hospitality. In 2015, Livio Bisterzo established Green Park Holdings to help bring change to the drink and food sector. After a year, the organization launched HIPPEAS to supplement its activities. To fasten its significance in the food and beverage industry, Livio Bisterzo announced a partnership with a prominent investor known as Leonardo DiCaprio. The film producer supports Hippeas financially by his corporation with Strand Equity Partners.

With the investments of Leonardo DiCaprio in HIPPEAS, the food brand will be more conscious of the environment. The company will also acquire attention brought by its investor. Mr. DiCaprio’s knowledge on biodiversity and climate change will equip Hippeas. The organization’s nutritional products will be considerate of the customer’s taste preference according to diversity. According to Livio Bisterzo, DiCaprio’s help and advice will spearhead HIPPEAS towards the attainment of success and global recognition. Bisterzo’s revenue predictions will be accomplished with Leonardo’s help.

In 2009, Livio Bisterzo was recognized among the most influential personalities by the Evening Standard. Bisterzo later collaborated with RNA Corporation and focused on the development of men’s grooming skin care enterprise. Bisterzo and his partner named the firm Kyoku for Men items and sold its products in twenty-six nations. Livio Bisterzo’s experience in the business sector is the reason behind his snack brand’s success. Under Livio’s guidance, the organization will launch 18,500 stores across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Green Park Holdings’ founder, Livio Bisterzo, makes Hippeas accessible by producing organic chick pea puffs. Livio explains the various processes he underwent to make Hippeas famous finally. According to Mr. Bisterzo, the link between culture and a brand is very significant. HIPPEAS has thus displayed its outstanding strategy in the world’s snack trends. Livio Bisterzo postulates that the food industry reaction will change over the years attributing the change to his HIPPEAS premium and proposition that accommodates snacking interests.

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