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Lovaganza. I’ve never really heard of this company before this. This is an entertainment franchise and foundation that celebrates every culture of the world. This is a non-profit foundation that was the dream of two very special people; J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon.

These two people wanted a quality of life for all humanity universally. This means clean clothes, food, healthy water to drink and other things. This is what is needed to be productive as human beings. When we are happy and healthy, we can contributed great things to communities, towns, cities and on the whole, our country in some small way. Celebrating culture is a wonderful thing. They celebrate the cultures by showcasing dances and songs from around the globe.

It looks like they aren’t wanting to only get a quality of life for humanity worldwide. The goal of Lovaganza first of all is to get water to drink that’s safe so that more people have access to it. Here in the USA we throw a lot of food away. Yet, some people don’t have access to sufficient food. Most kids in third world countries wait in line for even a bowl of rice. This needs to change, but we can’t do this by ourselves. They also want healthcare for some of the poorest including vaccines and medicine for those that need it.

Not only do we want healthcare especially for the people that have the least, Lovaganza wants basic education so that kids can learn their language, or depending on the area, can learned a second language provided there is a teacher to teach it. They also want their kids to learn math and science and learn about the earth and a trade as well. This is good.

Lovaganza.com is a wonderful site that tells more about it. It even has a celebration teaser trailer that you have to experience to really grasp how big it will really be. This trailer of Lovaganza I have viewed, and it seems it’s a story and a celebration of life, where everyone is coming together as they should, to help each other. The trailer also showed people of all sorts to help each other to be better as a people.

The “Longaza Convoy” has started to film as of 2014. It looks to be a tremendous effort from a lot of people. They have lots of pictures of cast and crew working really hard.

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