Matthew Fleeger Has Used His Lifelong Experience In The Oil Industry To Make A Difference At Gulf Coast Western:

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Matthew Fleeger is a Texas businessman who currently heads up one of the fastest growing and most exciting exploratory oil and gas firms in the energy business. The firm, known as Gulf Coast Western, was originally started by Matthew Fleeger’s father in the early 1970s and what started out as a small regional oil company operating in the oil fields of Texas and Louisiana is now a leader of major joint partnership operations in the exploratory oil and gas field of hard shale and sandstone. These drilling areas were once thought to be economically unfeasible in terms of drilling and extraction, but new technologies that have arisen since the early 2000s have made drilling in these regions a reality.

The techniques of hydraulic fracturing and drilling of a horizontal nature are the two methods developed in the 2000s that have changed the oil drilling game forever in regard to what is known as hard oil. These methods have also had the extra benefit of reducing overall costs from a labor perspective. Matthew Fleeger has led Gulf Coast Western to a point where it has become a leader in exploratory drilling in hard plays and a leader in the area of joint ventures in which exploratory firms pool data and resources for mutual benefit in drilling discoveries.

The massive amount of experience that Matthew Fleeger and the Gulf Coast Western team have in the American oil business has been instrumental in helping the firm to consistently grow over the last decade. Matthew Fleeger spent his youth around the oil industry and then returned to it after some time away where he founded several companies that were non-oil related. During his time as CEO, Gulf Coast Western has brought its investors some impressive returns and due to the fact that the boom in shale drilling is expected to continue for some time, the future looks great for Matthew Fleeger and his Gulf Coast Western operation.