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There has been an on going dilemma when it comes to dieting. This dilemma has involved people eating foods that are fattening. However, they were more likely to get protein from those foods because it was filled with meats. At the same time, there were healthier alternatives and diets. People also ordered salads in fast food restaurants. However, there was this issue with the lack of protein that people had to get around. Either way, there seems to be a trade off for people when they are trying to eat healthier. Fortunately, someone would address this trade off eventually and come up with something that will bring a lot of benefits.


One person who has seen the dilemma is Nathaniel Ru. He has noticed that there is very little when it comes to options in food. Therefore, he has decided that he is going to put together something that is not only healthy, but is creative. The types of dishes that he comes up with are very healthy among other things. For one thing, he offers salads for customers. However, they come with a wide variety of nutrients that allow him to be able to choose what goes into the salad.


Among the nutrients that he is adding to his healthy food is protein. Protein is very important because it is what helps people improve their health. People are also learning that they can include meat in their healthy diet. For one thing, protein actually helps with weight loss in that it is hard to break down. Therefore, people who eat the protein find that they feel full a bit longer. At the same time, they are also feeling better than when they were eating empty calories.


Nathaniel Ru is also very good at coming up with creative ideas to reach the community he is involved in. He is someone that is good at adapting. He has learned that he can come up with ways to entertain his customers while they are eating. Therefore, he has run concerts at one of his Sweetgreen locations so that people could listen to their favorite artists while they enjoyed the food.