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He was born a lover of people, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who was born February 18, 1975, in London, United Kingdom. Greg Secker is not only an entrepreneur and a humanitarian but he is also a motivational speaker, and a successful trader. Nevertheless; Mr. Greg does not count all other duties and title as very important as his role as a father. His love for assisting others make it in the trade market, Greg established Knowledge to Action Group which a combination of more than one company and include; Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, the Greg Secker Foundation, as well as Capital index. All these groups come together to tea h people on how to excel in trading.

Mr. Secker began his career working at Thomas Cook which most people consider as a humble beginning. Before long; Mr. Secker moved onto creating his own business known The Virtual Trading Desk. The Virtual Trading Desk is a unique business which offers the world an opportunity to do forex trade online. This program which was established by Mr. Greg has been assisting traders to acquire quotations for Foreign exchange dealings. Greg Secker is a leader who for an extended period of time portrayed a positive leadership character and he also became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation which is a top fortune 500 investment ban k with its location in the United States of America.

Greg Secker is the founder and the Chief executive officer of Knowledge Action Group; he is also the founder of several other groups which include the Greg Secker Foundation, Learn to trade, and Smart Chart Software. Mr. Greg is well described as an English Businessman. He is an author of several books including; Trading your way to success, Financial Freedom through Forex trading, and everything you wanted to know about Success. Greg Secker was born and raised in Norfolk, England and after his High School graduation; he attended the University of Nottingham where he learned Agriculture and Food Science. He is also a humanitarian who contributes also in the community. Through the Greg Secker Foundation, he has been helping the community to improve their lives through trading. The Greg Secker Foundation also partners with the youth to improve education system as well as life knowledge.