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Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions understands that a one size fits all philosophy is of no use to individuals looking to pursue their financial goals. Blair provides wealth management and retirement planning in the city of Austin, Texas and expresses a desire to aid members of his local community to navigate financially through the many complex milestones of life.

Blair takes what he characterizes as a three-pillar approach when developing comprehensive financial plans for those he advises. The Blair approach allows him to carefully consider a client’s current financial condition and needs for retirement in order to devise a tailor-made plan for them.

First Pillar

The first Pillar of the Blair approach outlines the succession of steps that will serve as the client’s roadmap to financial security. Blair takes the time to identify the goal of his clients, their financial strengths, a client’s tolerance for risk, and all opportunities for growth when devising a plan.

This planning face is designed to provide Blair and the client with the foundation for a long-lasting and productive working relationship by providing him a deep understanding of his client’s concerns and goals and establish clearly for the client what can be expected from Blair’s services.

Second Pillar

The second pillar is focused on the development of an effective strategy that takes into account the client’s specific goals and needs for liquidity. Richard takes a hands-on approach to the shifting and managing of assets to maximize the market performance of investment vehicles during high-times and minimize potential damage by way of downturns.

Third Pillar

Once a clear picture of a client’s client’s financial goal and the steps that will be taken to achieve them have been developed, Richard Dwayne Blair will then work with clients to implement and monitor the progress of these steps which is the third pillar to the Blair approach. Blair implements his own checks and balances system of sorts by constantly comparing the results by continuously tracking and comparing the financial maneuvers that are made to the original goals and objectives of his client.