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Incarceration in a state jail today does not necessarily mean missing what is happening in the world of technology transformation. Incarcerators too no longer have to depend on old methods to bring out reforms and improve safety in state corrections. If you have a family member or a friend in a state correction, probably the only means of communication you know of is through a phone call. Securus Technologies is changing how you stay in touch with your loved ones in state correction centers.



Securus Technologies is the best technology solution provider for both civil and criminal justice in America today. They use highly enhanced and advanced communication and analytical tools to bring modernization to state corrections. This they do by introducing the use of several gadgets that make communication between inmates and family members or friends easier. Because of Securus, it is now possible to do a video chat with an inmate regardless of the state they are in and feel much more connected than doing it via phone.



Securus does not only focus on the inmates but goes further to provide state corrections with the much-needed technology solutions to help in the improvement of safety and bring modernization to the facilities. By using one of the best cloud-based software Securus goes further to provide services and fast information in real-time access to investigators for faster and foolproof results. Those that use Securus Technologies’ services include fire stations, the police emergency dispatch centers and rescue teams of every kind.



The newest addition to Securus technologies is Wireless Containment Solutions technology, which helps in detecting, preventing and intercepting any wrongful communication from illicitly distributed devices. Illicitly acquired devices are a real safety threat to the inmates and people with connections to them like arresting officers, judges, witnesses, the correction officers and even to the public. By using WCS, the threat from such devices becomes less as communication can only be through devices allowed by law.



If you need a trusted, truthful, transparent, honorable, and responsive service that keeps all your information confidential, the Securus technologies, with an A+ accreditation and rating is the one.