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Business entity exists to make profit. This is one of the primary goals at Stream energy but has other goals such as the social corporate responsibility where it gives back to the community and has deliberately committed to over the years. to be more concise, Stream runs two non-profit organizations; Steam Cares and Stream Cares Foundation which was recently launched.

Houston and its environs where brought into ruins thanks to the Hurricane Harvey. It destroyed almost everything erect on the ground from structures to vegetation and brought that area begging even just to get basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. The Stream Energy Patch came out strong and helped salvage the situation. In collaboration with the Red Cross among other humanitarian organization it helped build up their lives altogether.

Stream Energy Patch contributed to this course through donating its resource, time and offer support to the victims. It just achieved more than just giving back. It is reportedly said, Stream contributed a large chunk of its sales proceeds to the course making its philanthropic track very robust. Nevertheless, this is not the only time, the company has been involved in CSR activities, this just strengthened its relationship with the community it serves.

About Stream Energy

This is a privately held company that offers energy services using the MLM model but also does direct selling. It is based in Dallas, Texas and was founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji although Larry Mondry is the present Chief Executive Officer.

Initially, Stream offered gas, oil and electric services but has since enlarged its line products to include Stream wireless and mobile phone services. Today, it does not only serve the Texas market but has a presence in seven other states namely; Washington D.C, Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. Stream Energy is a keynote electricity provider in the United States.

Its MLM model is enticing to those who are seeking employment or investment opportunities. Stream Energy Associates who sell its services have a network that helps push to have a large consumer base. The associates get great commissions on their sales and can add more members into the marketing model and earn as much. It offers highly discounted packages to its clients around the world.