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Talking about the darkest feelings in your life is not an easy task. Most people feel judged, and others feel like no one will understand what they are going through in life. Sometimes this emotions can be overwhelming leaving you with no energy to walk for a therapy session. Other times, you don’t even want to talk about your issues or hear anyone talk. Talkspace helps you unload all those negative feelings by texting about them.

Talkspace is a creation of Oren Frank and his wife. They decided to start the therapy app after their marriage was in rocks and therapy saved it. After being a beneficiary of the therapy session, they decided to help others facing the same issues overcome their challenges.

Oren Frank recently announced that Talkspace had hired a chief medical officer. This is to ensure that the patients who require medication get prescriptions. In his speech, he disclosed that the firm is currently earning millions from the business. More Business News at

According to Oren Frank, the company has more than one million clients who use their services. He added that many employers are now aware of the need for mental health. He explains that depression and anxiety are rapidly rising among Millenials which has forced employers to seek help to ensure their mentally healthy to work.

Oren Frank twitter has pictures of some of the conferences held by Talkspace to talk about addiction, denial and recovery. The meetings help in ensuring that individuals out there understand what they are facing is not new, people have been there and recovered.

Oren Frank is also excited about other people tweeting about health care issues. He sees that he responds to such posts.

Final Verdict

Talking to a stranger about your deepest fears is not easy. However, Talkspace gives you a chance to text about what your feeling and get help. Besides, their packages are very friendly.