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The warm weather is rolling around again and the beauty trends are already starting. These beauty trends allow you to express yourself in your own way, and they leave you feeling more confident and beautiful. These beauty trends feature the unique Lime Crime cosmetic line. Here are some of the latest beauty trends!

  • Purple colors

Purple colors are definitely a hot trend right now. Purple hair color is one of the latest trends right now, and Lime Crime has purple semi permanent hair dye that lasts long and is easy on your hair. Another purple trend is eye shadow, and Lime Crime also has a few eye shadow pallet which features the color purple along with several other colors. The last purple trend is the purple lipstick, and Lime Crime also carries purple lipstick colors.

  • Bold Eye Liner

Another beauty trend is eye liner. The good thing about eyeliner is that you can use it in several different ways. You can use eye liner to define your eye color, to gibe you the cat look, the classic look, and so much more. Eyeliner adds a beautiful touch in making a bold statement for your eyes.

  • Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick is one of the most popular beauty trends right now. Matte lipstick lasts all day, and it has no gloss or shine so it leaves your lips looking natural. It caresses your lips and if you wear a natural shade it will appear as if you aren’t wearing any lipstick at all. Matte lipstick is popular in all seasons because it is loved by everyone across the world and the trend never dies. Lime Crime has several different shades of matte lipstick that last all day long!

  •  Highlighter to show your features

Highlighter brings out some of your best features and it is also a trend that is hot right now. Highlighter highlights your nose, cheekbones, and under your eyebrow, but if you want to go extreme you don’t have to stop there. Lime Crime has highlighter pallets that will leave your best features glowing!