The Significance of Oncotarget in the Medical Industry

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Oncotarget provides that gerontology studies require the utilization of anti-aging drugs. Research performed over a short period has yielded positive results presenting two essential drugs in the market. The most recognized medicine is the 2, 5-dimethyl-celecoxib, whose anti-aging power indicates lifespan longevity in Drosophila. The drug not only increases lifespan but also brings along other benefits including an increment in autophagy and physical activities.

Being the most preferred biomedical journal, Oncotarget altered its publication model to boost its availability through various platforms including PubMed and BIOSIS Previews among others. In my opinion, the change of strategy will provide a chance for many readers to have access to the organization’s articles. Additionally, Oncotarget extended its operations thus initiating other groups into its management. At the moment, Oncotarget collaborates with the nation’s Medicine Library. The partnership is significant as it will facilitate Oncotarget’s vision of becoming the leader in the publication of its research journals as well as articles. In my opinion, its partnership with executives in the sector will widen research’s availability to the general public and medical practitioners. Download output styles at

Besides expanding its scope, Oncotarget is working towards enhancing its indexing procedures. The group focuses on publishing two issues on a weekly basis to achieve its mission. Oncotarget’s research topics are significantly diversified in different segments including aging and microbiology. The company’s diligence has earned it a reputation in the market. Currently, Oncotarget publications sum to seven volumes comprised of 324 issues. Besides gaining recognition for its excellence, Oncotarget still pursues future success. In my opinion, the company’s vision to retain its relevance in the industry motivates its focus to work on its eighth volume.


Oncotarget online publications’ availability and recognition are attributed to its free access. Since its founding, Oncotarget has significantly impacted the society thus eliminating the boundaries that existed between biomedical specialties. I postulate that Oncotarget has overtime achieved its mission through the application of clinical and basic science to prevent ailments. Under the management of busy executives, Oncotarget has published relevant journals that have contributed to the augmentation of science. In my opinion, Oncotarget works towards the attaining of life without illnesses. Read more about Oncotarget at Business Insider.