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Rocketship Education has expanded its reach over the last decade and brought its innovative and alternative personalized teaching methods to low-income children throughout California, Wisconsin, Washington D.C. and Tennessee.

As one of the pioneers of personalized teaching, the school continues to learn and implement new teaching methodologies that help to educate the children in the communities which it serves.

Since its first school opened in San Jose, California during 2007, it has taken lessons from its successes and failures and continues to grow along with its franchising operations.

The following list outlines what the management and staff at Rocketship Education have learned over the past decade.

Annual Home Visits

While Rocketship Education has always emphasized the use of technology to engage students and facilitate their learning, it has never lost sight of its family-oriented philosophy which seeks to bring together families and communities through education.

One of the ways in which Rocketship Education Schools has succeeded in doing so is through their annual home visits where they get to meet the parents and students and allow them to take part in the personalization of each student’s specific learning needs.

Practicality – Not Theory

You know the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” The management and staff who work at Rocketship Schools seem to live by this motto as most of them have enrolled their own children in its curriculum.

By doing so, there is a vested interest to continue to expand the educational frontier for the enrolled students and to never become too complacent when it comes to achieving educational goals.

The management feels if Rocketship is not good enough for their children then how can they recommend it to others. Putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak, definitely gives parents a sense of confidence that their children are in good hands.

Never Give Up On A Student

When Rocketship Education first started out it sought to stay in compliance with the regulatory rules of the areas in which it served, especially when it came to the learning disabled. However, after a few years, staff and management realized that separating such students was actually doing them a disservice.

While the school began to include learning and behaviorally disabled students with the general population many of the parents were outraged, yet after some time they saw the benefits of this all-inclusive approach and relished in the fact that every child blossomed much more when they were not separated from the whole.

Keep Testing, Experimenting, and Growing

Rocketship Education has never been afraid to break away from the mold which is why they continue to develop successful models that work.

This is not to say that they do not fail. For instance, when they tried a new teaching approach named, “The Flex Model”, they saw that the quality in the teaching level had dropped so they discontinued it.

However, the school learns just as much from its mistakes as its successes and through this failed pilot they structured their current foundations of goal setting, feedback, and real-time coaching.